There is an art to working a room. (Tweet that!)

It used to be that people were well-versed in tips and trick to navigate gatherings, both conversationally and physically. Everyone knew how to smoothly transition, how to make a strong impression, the order of things, etc. Today, there is a gap. Some still navigate parties with grace, class, and skill. Others are lost like driftwood at sea.

I'd like to start narrowing that gap.  

Today's Tip is a simple one; how to hold your napkin, plate, and drink in one hand.

I see it all the time; guests clumsily juggling drink, plate and napkin or hunting for a nearby surface to set something down so they can shake a hand or offer a hug. Does this sound like you?

It's time to streamline the way we juggle our party accouterments. So. Without further ado, here's how it's done:

Practice makes perfect; so try this at your next gathering!

Until next time...

xo Katie

Check back next week for another great Entertaining Tip! :)