We're Engaged!

I am so excited to finally share this with you: Michael and I are engaged! It happened a few months ago, on the night before our 2 year anniversary, and I truly could not be happier! Wedding planning has been a wild ride, but more on that later.

Our Engagement Story

Michael and I were on our way to dinner to celebrate our dating anniversary and he told me he wanted to make a stop first. I am always super excited to have Mike plan our dates so I was completely cooperative - even when he told me we had to walk like a mile to our destination and I was wearing brand new heels. No pain, no gain, right ladies? 

We started walking and he noticed I was hurting so he hailed us a pedi-cab (Bless him!) and we made it to this gorgeous lookout on the museum campus. We've had many dates at the museums over the last couple years; Mike and I met a penguin at the Shedd and we attended lectures on things like black holes at the Adler, so I was starting to assume we were going to one of those museums again for a mini date when he just suddenly stopped by the water. 

He said, "I want to take a photo of us where we took our first photo together." I was immediately excited. Mike is always super thoughtful and I was excited to have a fun way to capture our years together (Hello scrapbook ideas!). Also, I was a little touched that he actually remembered that this is where we took our first photo together, I had forgotten.

Here is that first photo:

our first photo together

My sister took it for us. We'd only been dating a couple weeks and I was playing tour guide for Kelly (and Michael) taking them all over the city. We went everywhere that day, from boutiques and a record shop in Roscoe Village to drinks at the top of the John Hancock. 

Back to Engagement day. Michael and I flagged a nice woman to take our photo and I smiled big. Completely clueless. 

After we had gotten a couple photos (sans feet). Mike told me we had a little time before dinner and we could stay and enjoy the view if I liked. Who can say know to a gorgeous fall day with skyline views? So we walked a little and found a spot to sit. He sat me down and then he started to get down on one knee. I did not realize what was happening and I noticed some broken glass on the floor, so I actually started pulling him up and I warned him about the glass (I'm hopeless). He gave me a serious face and went back to his knee. It hit me like a semi truck. 


The man I love more than anything on this Earth was about to ask me to marry him. He picked me! And I burst into these embarrassing, uncontrollable sobs before he could even get a word out. I was shocked and happier than I have ever been. His next words and my "yes" only brought more happy tears. He held me and gave me the ring, which I truly couldn't even see through all the crying, and we sat there together for a few minutes, soaking in everything.

I loved his completely perfect thoughtfulness and the way he worked so hard to make our engagement personal and special. I thought about the amazing two years we had just spent together and all the adventures that lied ahead for us. Mostly, I was just thanking my lucky stars that he had chosen to spend the rest of his life with me. I had chosen him long ago. 

When I finally finished crying, he took me to dinner. After, we called our parents, siblings, and a couple close family friends to come over for champagne. It was perfect. 

I found out later that Mike had asked my Dad for permission ahead of time and that he had spent 6 months working with a jeweler to make my ring from scratch. He had all these computer renderings from when they designed it and he explained to me that he had made spreadsheets (lol, ever the engineer, our whole life has spreadsheets) to figure out how to get the best quality diamond. I will be sharing with you Michael's tips for engagement rings in a future post. 

I never imagined he would put so much thought and time into making the engagement ring. I am forever floored by his deep generosity with me.


I love everything about this man and I cannot wait to be his wife! 


Moving forward, we have begun a new post category on the blog, especially for weddings! The posts will go live on Sundays, feel free to follow along as we plan our wedding! We will have tons of ideas and inspiration and wedding DIYs in the next year. It will be so much fun! Tune in next week for our wedding planners/books reviews. 

Until next time,

xo katie