The Forbidden Shelf
Beef Tartare

When I first stocked the pantry in our kitchen, I bought an assortment of fancy crackers, biscotti, chocolates, and expensive condiments that I planned to use when we entertained. Some of these items, such as Parmesan cheese crisps, I knew would look delicious to Michael, so I brought him to the pantry and pointed out to him all the foods he could eat with reckless abandon, and the one teensy shelf with food that if he ate from it he had to alert me so I could replace the missing item. 

This, I thought, was the best way to keep things clear. It was an entertaining staples shelf, if you will. And it was going to make throwing a fabulous appetizer or dessert together quite easy. Michael took this explanation in, laughed, and agreed. I thought this all went very well. 

Maybe two weeks later, I was sick in bed and I asked Michael to bring me some cookies for my tea, from the entertaining shelf. He delivered the box to me and announced, "here are your cookies, from the forbidden shelf." 

You see what he did there?

Laughing, I asked him what he was talking about and he explained that I had created a "forbidden shelf" that was only for entertaining staples, and we were not entertaining, and I was now eating from it. We both laughed and I kept insisting that the shelf is not actually forbidden. But he had made his point.

From then on, anytime I eat anything from that shelf he teases me and when we serve food from it Michael points out to our guests that they are eating food from the forbidden shelf.

Now, to clarify, Michael is really good-natured, this is simply a constant source of amusement for him. But now I'm wondering, does anyone else have a "forbidden shelf" in their house? And, if so, what do you keep there?

Have a great day,

xo Katie