Our First Dinner in the New House: Sunday Steak with French Butter

Our First Dinner in the New House: Sunday Steak with French Butter
Sunday Steak with French Butter

I know that this is me being completely crazy, but I really did not want our first dinner in our new house to be pizza. I know. You're thinking, it's your first night and you have nothing moved in, who cares what you eat? You are right. It shouldn't matter. But, for me, it did. This home was a dream come true for us and I was dying to use our new kitchen to give Michael a proper dinner. 

SO I made Steak Frites. Now, that might sound fancy but it's actually my favorite lazy dinner. What is simper than searing a steak and sticking some frozen fries in the oven? And, let me just say that I think frozen fries are highly underrated. Have you ever made fries from scratch? It takes forever and they never come out any better than the frozen ones (maybe I need to work on my fry skills?). Anyway, for now, frozen fries are my jam. My favorites are the ones made by Kettle Brand. Their Rosemary and Garlic fries are the bomb. And they look fancy. Fancier than the boring frozen fries  I picked to go with this steak. BUT I picked boring fries for a reason. The French Butter in this recipe is RICH. Seriously. You need something bland to counter it. And a really good Cabernet with strong tannin. 

I adapted this Recipe from FOOD52, where i get all of my recipe inspiration. Tweaked it a little to add oregano and red wine vinegar to the butter. Nothing ground-breaking, but I thought it was better.

And can we talk about the wine? We drank a 2009 Chateau La Grolet and it was fantastic. This wine is not widely available, I got it from Howard's Wine Cellar a couple months ago. I don't know if he still has any but it's worth checking out. Howard is the man when it comes to tasty and inexpensive wines. His palate seems to align with mine quite well, because I love everything he chooses for me. As a suburbanite, I don't get to Howard's often, so I typically ask him to put together a few mixed cases for me to pick up when I can get there. I can't recommend his wine shop enough. 

Back to the meal. Our first dinner was everything I wanted it to be; simple, tasty, and romantic. I even brought our little Oontz speaker for playing Dinner Music. It was certainly not the most impressive meal I have ever served Michael, but we'll always remember it. 


xo katie