Wine Clubs and Wine Cellar Plans
2010 Caraccioli Pinot Noir

One of the things I am most excited about is building my dream 600 bottle wine cellar in the new house. I am hoping to keep 200 bottles of everyday wines on hand and the other 400 bottles will be made up of specially selected wines, collected over the years to age over time. This comes with two challenges: 

1) Drawing up the best plans. We will be building it ourselves and we need something that is both beautiful and functional.

2) Curating the perfect collection of wines to fill it with. 

Creating the right cellar plans is taking some time. We are doing a lot of measuring and figuring. I pour over tons of photos online and reference materials at the hardware store. It will be a slow process because it's made up of a lot of little pieces of wood. This will require a LOT of cuts and plenty of hours spent sanding and staining everything. We're trying to draw up something that will store all our wine and still be visually beautiful. Our plans will have different sections to break it up visually and we decided to enclose it in glass, creating a walk-in cellar experience. I can't wait to start this project!

Curating our wines is also a time-consuming process. We want every wine to be special and we understand that half the fun is in the discovery.

We get some of our wines from wine clubs: Trinitas Cellars and Caraccioli Cellars. There are other wine clubs we are considering at this time, such as Paraduxx and Conn Creek Winery.

We also get mixed cases put together by Howard's Wine Cellar in Lakeview. That store is a wine lover's dream. I rarely have time to do my own shopping because we don't live in the city, but Howard puts mixed cases together for us and has them ready for pick up when we swing by after work. We love every wine he has ever chosen for us and he has a huge selection of everyday wines under $10 per bottle. 

Otherwise, when I can, I love to comb the aisles at Binny's and discover new wines to try while I pick up old favorites.

Do you have a special place you like to go to curate your wine collection? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Happy Sipping!

xo Katie