Well, hello there! Things have been a little hectic for the past month (more on that later this week), but I'm finally back to the blog. There are a lot of cool projects on the horizon, but for now, here's what I'm loving this week:


An Online Skillshare Class by Tiago Forte

I've learned a lot about my habit-forming personality in this class. Let me tell you, their quizzes are SPOT ON. Pick a habit you want to create and give this class a go!


Chadwick Stokes just released a new album, and this is one of my favorite songs!


And if you don't already know, Chad and his wife started a charity, Calling All Crows. Here's a quick video introduction:

I love that their mission is constantly evolving and they donate their time and energy in such a meaningful way. We could all do more to give back. 


Ms Allende a classy, intelligent, fabulous, and funny woman. Love her!


Cabrales Phyllo Rolls with Sherry Dipping Sauce

These Cabrales Phyllo Rolls with Sherry Dipping Sauce look DI-VINE! I can't wait to try this recipe at my next dinner party. 

Have a great week!

xo Katie