20 Minute Facial at Aveda Oakbrook


I had the pleasure of receiving a Free 20 Minute Facial at the Aveda store in Oakbrook yesterday. It was a lovely way to end a hectic day at work.

Aveda is offering the free facials this week as an opportunity to experience their products before you buy them. I have Rosacea, which usually makes shopping for skincare products a nightmare, so I happily booked my free trial. 


As soon as you enter Aveda, they offer you a cup of tea. It is such a simple gesture but I instantly felt warm, comfortable and calm. It allowed me to slow down and enjoy the ambiance of their beautiful store. And the tea! It is SO delicious. In one sip, it transformed me into a happy and relaxed state. I bought the biggest jar they had!

Skincare Consultation

Before the facial, Roseanne gave me a quick skincare consultation to assess my needs. They categorize everything into elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Infinity.

Facial Workstation

After my skin was assessed, I was ready for the facial. Every product Roseanne put on felt amazing. The creamy cleanser was gentle and moisturizing. The toner was refreshing. My favorite product was the clay mask, which I have already added to my Christmas list. While the mask was working, Roseanne was kind enough to massage my hands and forearms. I nearly fell asleep, I was so relaxed!

Aveda Skincare

After my facial, I received a quick hair and makeup consultation, and then it was time to shop! I can't say enough about how great the Aveda products are or how much I appreciated such a personal shopping experience. If you haven't been to an Aveda store, I strongly recommend you stop by and treat yourself to the ultimate shopping trip! 


xo Katie