Alexander Valley Vineyards Cave

During a long tasting day, we stopped into Alexander Valley Vineyards because we've heard great things about their wine. The Vineyard has a beautiful wine cave on the property, which was unfortunately closed when we arrived. 

The tasting room is very relaxed and the decor is more country style. They sell beautiful candelabras made out of old vine grapevines and grapes for snacking out on the bar. Alexander Valley Vineyards has a friendly staff and a couple different tasting options to choose from. 

Unfortunately, the wines fell flat for us. We must not have the same palette as the winemaker.. After 15 minutes. we we back in the car looking for the next great winery. 

If you have had Alexander Valley Vineyards wines before and know that you like them, make the stop. Otherwise, I would skip this tasting room. 

Happy Wine Hunting,

xo Katie