We ran into Orin Swift's tasting room just before closing Saturday night. It's a cozy, well appointed space on Main Street.

Orin Swift Tasting

The wines at Orin Swift are very good. My Dad and I love Papillon and Mom's favorite was Abstract. The wines have great structure and tannin but plenty of fruit to balance it out.

The tasting was hectic. Main Street at 5pm on a Saturday night is a zoo. I would not recommend going at such a busy hour. Orin Swift did their best to handle the crowd and they did not rush us at all. Unfortunately, due to the constant demand for pours, I was not able to ask questions about the wine or their winemaking process. 

You should definitely make it to Orin Swift if you're on Mainstreet. Just make sure you go at a less hectic time.  

Happy sipping,   

xo Katie