Honeycrisp apple

Last weekend, I visited Garwood Orchards in Laporte, Indiana. It was about an hour drive from my house and well worth it. This was the most beautiful, clean orchard I've ever been to and the people who run it are kind, helpful, and very accommodating. And the produce! Everything they grow is delicious. 

Apple Tree

We arrived on the release date for Honeycrisps. It's a busy day but Garwood handled it like a champ. There were plenty of drivers to shuttle guests around the property and it didn't feel too crowded. They also had a live country band performing to celebrate the occasion.

Honeycrisp Apples

The people who work at Garwood are extremely accomodating. The orchard is huge and the drivers will drop you off wherever you want to go. They put ladders out among the rows of apple trees, which was very helpful to get to the crop above normal reach. And they happily recommended recipes and gave us ideas of how we could cook our freshly picked bounty.


There are more than apples at Garwood. They have all kinds of vegetables and berries. We picked Cubanelos that we used to make stuffed peppers that night and we enjoyed our freshly picked green beans the next day.

haricots verts

And they have GORGEOUS pumpkins! More on that next month... ;)

Pumpkin Patch

After a lovely morning picking, we had lunch at the entrance and then headed to the store a 1/4 mile up the road. The produce there is equally as beautiful and they have apple doughnuts that will blow your mind. 

If you are planning on apple picking this year, consider making Garwood Orchards your destination. They have produce that is as beautiful as it is delicious and the abundant, clean and friendly orchard is the perfect place to create your fall memories. 

Happy Harvesting,

xo Katie