Vanity Organization

Organization is a constant hobby of mine. I love clean, functional spaces and the way they simplify my day. Knowing this, it might surprise you to open my vanity drawer and find... Chaos. 

Vanity: Before

It wasn't always this way. At first, I tried lining everything up neatly inside the drawer. It didn't slide much, if I was careful. I gathered my lipsticks neatly in their vase and placed my brushes in a vase filled with beads to make them stand up. 

Trouble brewed when I started traveling. I found I would empty everything into a makeup bag ten minutes before I had to catch a plane and then dump everything back into the vanity in a rush because I had to get to work after I returned. This created the drawer disaster you see above.

Lipstick: Before
Lipstick: After

The lipstick collection was another issue. Storing them all in a wide vessel works if you only have 3 lipsticks, but my collection is constantly growing. (I can't help it, I like options!) My vase wasn't organizing anything, it was just containing a giant pile of lip products and I could never find the right one without dumping the whole thing out. And let's be honest, when I'm in a rush, I'm not going to dig for a certain one, I'll just skim from the top, rendering the bottom layer useless.

I used two containers to store lipsticks and lip glosses. I love these containers for so many reasons! First, I can see everything. Seeing everything is KEY, because if I can't see it, I won't use it. Also, it will keep my collection under control, because if I'm going to add a product to the collection I have to clear a slot. (That's my personal rule. Feel free to add as many containers to your increasing lip collection as you like. The expandability of these systems is truly endless.) 

brushes before.jpg
Brushes: After

The brushes were a problem I wasn't expecting. Yes, it is easier to have them all out in a vase versus in a bag, BUT, the little brushes would always get lost among my larger brushes. Then I'd have to dig to find them. (Are you seeing a theme here? I detest digging.) And the most annoying part of that vase was those glass beads! They would fly everywhere. I tried removing some, but it didn't matter. Every day, without fail, the beads would jump out of the jar as I was moving brushes in and out of the vase and then I'd be crawling around on the floor collecting them. Or, you know, stepping on them. It was a hot mess. 

I chose a container with four compartments so that I could separate the brushes into steps. My steps are face, cheeks and brows, eyes, and finishing. It has made a huge difference because it's saving me time (no more digging!), it's saving my sanity (no more crawling!) and it looks great. I could not be happier!

Drawer Before
Drawer Happiness

Sigh. We've come to the drawer (aka my nemesis). Part of my problem is that I use this drawer to store back ups, extras, samples, etc in addition to my daily makeup. It's a lot of product for one place.

I found a large acrylic organizer to get all my product back in order. Items I use everyday are easy to reach and samples and extras are hidden in the back or off to the side. I found that using this organizer freed up a ton of space. I was able to neatly store my eye shadow palettes and extra brush case without difficulty. 

Put it all together

This set up is more spacious, visually appealing, and it's saving me time! I was so excited to use this newly organized vanity that I sat down to do my makeup as soon as I finished taking photos. It was the most efficient makeup application I've had in a long time, and I was pleased as punch that this project turned out so well. Until... I remembered I had a brow and lash tinting appointment in 30 minutes and I had to towel everything off. I call this lapse "blogger brain." It happens to the best of us. 


I love the products The Container Store has created for vanity organization solutions and I couldn't be happier with the results of my project! Before you shop, make sure to stop by Groupon Coupons for coupon codes and in store deals on all of your organization needs. Right now they're offering deals like free shipping on registry orders and 25% off Shelving.

Happy Organizing!

xo katie

Compensation for this post was provided Groupon. Opinions expressed here are my own.