How to sparkle at parties

Get a Conversation Started

One of the easiest ways to spark a chat is to ask a guest about something that happened in their life recently. Before attending the party, find out who's coming and make a mental note of something recent and interesting to ask them about.

Sound Smart and Be Current

Keeping up the news and current events is a must for social gatherings. Don't want to spend all your time watching CNN? Get your daily dose of The Skimm. You'll know all the top news and it will only take a couple minutes to read. 

Get Cultivated

Don't forget to add a little culture to your conversations. Sites like Brain Pickings and Head Butler are great to have in your feed for a regular dose of inspiration, touching stories, and book/music/film reviews. 

Dress with Style AND Intelligence

Know Yourself. If high heels will make you miserable, don't wear them. Avoid sporting anything that you don't really like.

Make a Statement. I always try to wear one "Statement Piece" aka something that stands out from the crowd that people are compelled to comment on. Have fun with it. 

Be Comfortable. Avoid items that need to be altered all the time. You should not be thinking about your clothes all night. If you're readjusting your ensemble four times before you leave your house, that is NOT the right outfit. Once you leave, your look should be effortless. 

Know How to Escape a Bad/Boring Conversation

HEL-LO bathroom break! 


Have some wine. Aaaaah. 

Have a great holiday weekend!

xo Katie