Glass of Punch

This weekend I finally got to try a Yoga Plus Chicago Event: Yoga +Thalia Hall + Punch Making. It was amazing! 

For those not familiar, Yoga Plus Chicago is a company run by two sisters, Andrea and Natalie, who pair yoga classes with fun things to do in Chicago. It sounds simple, but these girls go far above and beyond to make the events special. You feel like they are hosting a fun party, not just running an event. They have a warm, inviting energy and an attention to detail that is fantastic.

The first half of the event was a Yoga Class taught by Andrea in Thalia Hall

Chandelier Thalia Hall

Thalia Hall is a beautiful space located in Pilsen. It's typically used as a music venue and occasionally as a community market called Thalia Hall Haul. The space was just right for the amount of people in our class. It felt intimate but not cramped. The tall ceilings and interesting architecture made a lovely backdrop to our yoga practice. I also thought this would make a phenomenal venue for a smaller wedding.

Andrea is a marvelous yoga teacher. The class is appropriate for all levels and she teaches you how to modify your movements, if needed. I was initially nervous because I consider myself more of a beginner, but Andrea is very clear in her descriptions and I had no trouble keeping up. That's not to say that it's easy; I worked up quite a sweat!

The class is a pleasant mix of welcoming and challenging and Andrea's calm, happy energy makes it a great experience. I also liked that she smiled the whole class. She looks so happy when she's practicing yoga that it makes you happy too, even when you keep losing your balance. ;) 

After class, Natalie offered everyone cool lavendar-scented towels so we could freshen up and a delicious citrus ginger water. It was a splendid touch!

The next portion of our event was a Punch Making class downstairs at Punch House.

This is Will, the Punch Making Master:

Will Punch House Chicago

Will and his assistant, Emma, taught us that the word "punch" is a derivative of a Hindu word that means "five." He explained that there are five flavors in every punch: STRONG, WEAK, BITTER, SOUR, and SWEET. He then gave examples of each element and helped us get familiar with our workstations. 


Our first task was to make the base of our punch which is called an oleo-saccharum. It literally translates to "sugared oil" and is an elegant way to infuse citrus flavors into punches and cocktails. Will says every punch starts with this and I believe him. Our oleo-sacchaum was made of lemon peel and sugar. It smelled so wonderful I wanted to eat it. 

Stirring Punch

After our punch base was ready, we mixed the rest of our ingredients together and finished assembling our Garrick Club Punch. Will recommended using a Chicago Gin called Letherbee. I had never heard of it, but it was a tasty, smooth gin and I love that it's distilled locally. 

And.... it's cocktail time! This punch was dope. 

Gin Drank with Friends

The last portion of the event was spent mingling in Punch House's very cool space, sipping punch and socializing with other attendees. 


I ran into Rose, blogger at The Auburn Hare. Her site is great, check it out!

Rose and I

Rose and I were having so much fun we decided to carry our punch bowl upstairs to Dusek's for some brunch. 

Dusek's Menu

We had scallop sandwiches that made us swoon. If you haven't had a chance to try Dusek's yet, you need to go there. Their entire menu is fantastic!

Dusek's Seating

This Yoga Plus Chicago Event was more than a success. If you like yoga and you live in Chicago you really need to try Yoga Plus Chicago. You will not be disappointed. I can't wait to attend another one!

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xo Katie