Truffle Egg Toast

Truffle Egg Toast is a decadence everyone should enjoy at least once. (Tweet that!)

Made with fontina cheese, fresh baked brioche, rich egg yolks, and truffle oil, this recipe is simply heaven. Here's how I put it together:

If you are not sure about the runny egg yolks, try it anyway. Seriously. When I first made this for my boyfriend, he said he would try it but doesn't like runny yolks and after the first bite he basically devoured it without speaking. When he was finished, he said, "that was the best breakfast you've ever made."

Click here for the recipe:

If you don't have it already, make sure you invest in a good quality white truffle oil. Mine ran me about $14 for a 2.1 fl oz bottle. With truffle oil, LESS is more, so the bottle lasts a long time. If you are unsure if the truffle oil is a worthy investment, we will have more recipes in the future featuring this glorious ingredient.

Until next time...

xo Katie