The Sorbet Course is not to be missed.
sorbet on spoons

When planning a dinner, variety is key. An accomplished chef will introduce new flavors and textures through out each course, and repeat none. 

A well-balanced menu does not duplicate taste. (Tweet that!) 

But what do you do when all these contrasting flavors become too much? Enter, the Sorbet Course.

Sorbet in Cup

One of my favorite courses, the Sorbet Course, has the very special job of "cleansing" or, as the french say, "lifting" the palate to prepare it for the main course. This is the EASIEST course on the planet and yet, most of the time it is overlooked.

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive way to elevate your next meal, the Sorbet Course is your new best friend. And don't save it for special occasions. Have it with your next dinner at home. It will clear your palate and allow your entree to steal the show! 

You can serve this in endless ways and it's easy to prep ahead. Then, when you clear your starter plates, run to the freezer and grab your pre-made sorbet scoops. Voila! Sorbet course is served. 

FYI- This is not meant to be a large course, just a bite or two will do. 

Give the Sorbet Course a try! If the simplicity of it is not enough to make you fall in love, the way it allows your entree to showcase on your palate will be. 

Bon Appetit!