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Yoga + Brewery Tour with Yoga Plus Chicago

Katie Matusky
Yoga Plus Penrose

Every month, I take Michael on a Mystery Date. He's always so good to me and the Mystery Dates are the perfect opportunity for me to take over the planning and treat HIM once in a while. He loves these dates. Every month on the 1st, he opens an envelope which reveals a clue about where we're going or what we'll be up to. He then enjoys guessing what it could be while he waits for Date Day to arrive. 

This month was a Yoga date. Of all the dates I planned for this year, I was most nervous about this one. I knew it was going to be his first yoga class. Ever. In general, he's an excellent sport when it comes to trying new things, but I could tell he was a little nervous when the date was revealed.   

Yoga in the Barrel Room at Penrose

When I was planning this date, I had hunted for the most masculine yoga experience I could find. I immediately thought of Yoga + Chicago, a company run by two sisters, Natalie and Andrea, that hosts events throughout Chicago. They always start with an invigorating 60-minute yoga class and then finish with a fun activity. 

While registering for a Yoga + Punchmaking class for myself, I discovered they were hosting a yoga class at Penrose Brewery, inside their barrel room. The class even came with a tour of the brewery and a free beer afterwards. Talk about lucky! I quickly signed us up.

When we first arrived, Natalie gave me a hug and I just knew this was going to be an amazing first yoga experience for Michael. The girls are kind and thoughtful. They create a warm, welcoming environment, whether it's your first yoga class or you're a professional yogi. 

The class was great. Andrea is very attentive and she teaches everyone how to modify according to their experience level. Michael felt very comfortable, despite all the new positions he was attempting to mimic, and he had fun trying new stretches. I always work up a good sweat in her class and it's fun to do yoga in the different venues they choose.

The barrel room at Penrose Brewing was prettier than I expected. They have bulb lights strung from the ceiling and art displayed along the walls. It was beautiful and classy. I was told they have done rehearsal dinners in the space with great success and I could imagine it as I looked around the space. It's definitely worth looking into this venue for a future event.

Penrose Beer

After class, we tried the beer. Penrose makes delicious beer. I had Devoir and Michael tried their IPA, and my friend Rose, of The Auburn Hare, had a Hibiscus beer that she really liked. 

While we sipped our brews, we were taken on a tour of Penrose Brewing by their Ambassador, Rob (Follow him on Instagram!). It's a very clean, well-planned space. Rob emphasized their "Grain to Glass" approach and the fact that they built the facility with room to expand as the brewery grows. He taught us a lot about the beer making process and the importance of high quality ingredients. It was fun to learn from Rob because he has such a deep passion for the brewing process. 

Penrose (follow them on Twitter!) is a fairly new brewery. They have been open a little more than six months. They named the brewery after Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematician who invented among many things, Penrose Tiling which is featured on their logo. 

The brewery is also very green. They aim for as little waste as possible, getting their water usage down and donating their used grains to a local farm, free of charge. They are very aware of their carbon footprint, and I loved how connected Penrose is to their community.

If you have a chance to stop by their tasting room, do it. They frequently feature special limited release beers to their tasting room customers only. They have a clean, bright space and friendly, knowledgable staff who are sure to make your visit a pleasant one.

Rose and I

Rose and I. See her review of Yoga + Thalia Hall here. And check out her blog, it's a fabulous read. 

Cheers to Thirsty Thursday!

xo Katie