Pumpkin Carving - A Chandelier Pumpkin for the Blog!

Chandelier Pumpkin

For the blog's first Halloween, we decided a Chandelier Pumpkin was the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Pumpkin carving is a yearly tradition for Mike and I. We love doing fun activities together and I always look forward to this one. 

Our pumpkin was harvested from Garwood Orchards in Laporte, IN. We cut them from the vine the same day we went apple picking. My Dad helped me harvest two of the most beautiful pumpkins (in September there's plenty to chose from). There was something so special about actually cutting the gourd from the vine and bringing it home. It was so much fresher and felt more natural than buying it out of a bin at the grocery store. We loaded them in our wagon and carted them home. 

The pumpkins were impeccable quality.  We got a huge crop of seeds which we roasted while we carved (see my Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe here) and the dogs went crazy for the fresh pulp we removed from the center.

Once they were hollowed out, it was time to carve.  We had never attempted a design this intricate before (it took us two nights!). We taped an enlarged image of my logo to the face of the pumpkin and we slowly began cutting and marking along the image.

TIP: If your pattern is more complicated, have a couple printed copies of your design available. The paper gets chewed up as you carve. 

We cut the the body of the chandelier with a small knife and we drilled holes with a dremel tool to make the beads. 

Michael ended up carving almost the entire pumpkin by himself. I was having an exhausting week and I kept falling asleep next to him while he worked. I can't thank him enough for making this pumpkin-dream a reality. It's even more special for me because he made it. When the pumpkin was finished I was absolutely dazzled!

Chandelier Pumpkin

We both love how this pumpkin turned out and we learned a ton about carving more complicated designs. I cannot wait to see what we make next year!

Did you carve pumpkins this year? Feel free to leave a link in the comments below. 

Happy Almost-Halloween!

xo Katie